The Studio

Aside from beautiful hair and pampering service, we wanted to offer our clients a purposeful sense of space.  We designed our studio to offer a spa-like environment in an effort create a place of relaxation, repair and most importantly, inspiration.

In lieu of paper magazines (which we do offer digitally on tablets) the space holds a seasonal collection of inspirational books - cooking, travel, decor and wellness as well as a separate "quiet desk space" in our green plant-loving rear foyer for clients who need privacy to work or make phone calls.

While you're with us we can offer a selection of herbal teas, delicious Italian roast coffee and an array of healthy snacks . . . we are also able to pick up fresh juice, a smoothie, or lunch if you would like!

To complete the experience we have made available plush blankets, footstools, aromatherapy mists and a menu of pampering enhancement treatments we can add to your appointments.

We believe in making the most of every minute - honor yourself.