The product line we chose to carry is made by Davines in Parma, Italy.   To us, their line was the ultimate embodiment of beauty . . . from their packaging, the scents they use, the endless creativity they produce are just the icing on the cake.  This worldwide company is fully committed to the environment while sticking to their rustic roots in the rural Italian countryside.  They are ever evolving and challenging everyone they engage to practice what they refer to as "sustainable beauty".

Why We Chose to Partner

Just a few bullet points (there are so many more):

*  Davines is a ZERO carbon footprint company.

*  They use packaging specially designed to use the minimum amount of product needed and offset any carbon dioxide emissions with reforestation and woodland protections projects worldwide.

*   Since 2006 Davines has used only electrical energy sourced from sun, water and wind to power their offices.

*  Davines is part of the "slow food" movement and source several of their food based ingredients used in their shampoos & conditioners from small family farms in Italy.

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Green Circle Salons

Green Circle Salons is an organization dedicated to helping green-minded salons and their clients reduce their carbon footprint.   This Canadian-based organization has brought their services to salons in the US and offer a program for salon waste that is unable to be recycled or responsibly disposed of in any area to be shipped to their Chicago facility for processing.  Through this dynamic program they are able to divert 70-90% of partner salon waste from landfills.

Why We Chose to Partner

Salons create an abundance of metal and chemical waste - we were determined to respect this fact and deal with it the most environmentally sound way possible.   Green Circle Salons does the following with your hair by-products:

*  we send off all of our hair clippings which are used to make large bolsters which assist in absorbing oil spills in contaminated waterways.

*  we send off all unused chemicals so they do not go down the drain and into our local water systems.

*  we send off all chemical foil tubes, hair foils, plastics, light bulbs, electronics, and anything else that our local facilities are not set up to recycle.

*  it provides us with a feeling of commitment and involvement in keeping the environment as healthy as we can, and our clients as well!